Above the sea, just you & me...

Clos de Saignie & The Wing are two separate self catering properties within the beautiful grounds of Clos de L'Ecluse. Both  look out over the sea & other islands from the privacy of their gardens. 

Clos de Saignie, with four bedrooms & a big green lawn is the perfect holiday home for families or even couples.

The Wing is a one-bedroom, two-floor apartment with a sunny patio area, making it ideal for couples.

About your hosts...
William & Annabel met on Sark over 50 years ago & have lived on the island for nearly 20 years. They share a great love for the island & its unique way of life.
Together, they have lovingly transformed Clos de Saignie & The Wing into thoughtful & comfortable self catering accommodation.
As hosts, they are happy to share their local knowledgeable with you to ensure you have a wonderful stay.

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